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My Interview with MC Jin

I’ve been following MC Jin for years now, and with the recent changes in his life, I though I would try to contact him. To my surprise, he got my email was gracious enough to write back. As you may know, MC Jin rose to fame by winning on BET’s 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday”… Read more »

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Tim Hughes – Holding Nothing Back

I love this new cd from Tim Hughes. While not as well known as his Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin, Hughes has written many songs that are staples of contemporary worship including “Here I Am to Worship” and “Consuming Fire”. His songs from this album “Everything”, “Clinging to the Cross”, and “Highest and Greatest” have… Read more »

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Hillsong United We Stand

I’ve never been one to jump on the Hillsongs United bandwagon, but after having this cd for a few weeks, i’ve listened to it nearly every single day, and don’t know if i’ve ever been so ministered to by one cd. ok, that’s a pretty extreme recommendation, but I really love this album. One thing… Read more »

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Hip-Hop Liturgies

Popular Christian music styles have always paralleled the sound of secular hits, from grunge to techno. Now hip-hop is finding its way into the liturgies of traditional churches. The white, middle-aged Rev. Timothy (Poppa T) Holder doesn’t look like someone who would shout “Holla back!” in his priestly blessing. But, noticing the power and ubiquity… Read more »

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Be a Local Hero – Interview with Aaron Shust

A good interview with Aaron Shust, who has a great hit single, My Savior, My God. Your have a huge radio single, topping several different charts, over 50,000 albums sold, numerous tours—were these aspirations you had? Shust: Maybe. If it were an aspiration, it was subconscious, subliminal. I have a lot of people coming to… Read more »

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Collision – David Crowder

David Crowder Band is one of the most innovative voices in Christian worship music nowadays. Their newest album is not what you would typically expect from a worship album, but its truly a ‘collision’ of imagery, thoughts, and movements. DCB continues to break ground and innovate, drawing everyone they touch deeper into worship. crowder looks… Read more »