imageI’ve been following MC Jin for years now, and with the recent changes in his life, I though I would try to contact him. To my surprise, he got my email was gracious enough to write back.

As you may know, MC Jin rose to fame by winning on BET’s 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday” rap battle competition.  He was later picked up by Ruff Ryders, becoming the first Chinese American to make be signed on a major record label.  His life changed drastically when he became a Christian and was baptized in 2008.  Since then, the change has been obvious in his music and life.

 “I know what ya’ll are sayin’ Jin done lost his mind
but thru out all this prayin’ it never crossed my mind
here’s what I advise instead of tryin’ to figure me out
open your eyes it’s time to stop livin’ in doubt
I’m on a mission to exceed the expectations
and I won’t stop ’til I reach my destination
we livin’ in times where it’s hard to survive
but not for a second do I doubt that God will provide
whatever happens I trust that it’s all in His plans
cause my destiny lays in the palm of His hands”

– “Whatever it Takes” from Sincerely Yours EP


I’m so encouraged and amazed to see what God has done in Jin’s life and wish him continued blessings and success in his ministry and music.  So without further ado, here is my interview with Jin.


Greetings Pastor Tim,

Good to hear from you. I pray all is well..

Thank you for reaching out and sending over such kind words of encouragement. It is truly appreciated. I am continuously humbled and inspired by the outpour of love from the community.

In regards to the questions.. here you go..

1.  What was it like being a Chinese American in the rap industry?  How did you react to people who hated on your for being different?

Initially when I first started embracing Hiphop culture at a young age, I did encounter a bit of resistance. People were just not accustomed to seeing an Asian be so involved with Hiphop. For example, when I would attend rap competitions, many times before I’d even perform or get on stage, I’d have to deal with preconceived notions that I was horrible or hear racially driven remarks. Quite honestly, I didn’t pay it no mind at the time. I only knew how much I loved participating in the culture and what I wanted to contribute to it.

2.  How did God speak to bring you back to Him?  What has been the biggest change in your life since then?

For me, it’s definitely been an ongoing walk with the Lord. In the recent years, I’ve just come to realize how patient, loving and gracious God’s been with me. More than that, I’ve finally come into an actual intimate relationship with the Lord. In doing so, the Holy Spirit is moving in me like never before as well.

3.  How is your identity as an ABC affected by your being a follower of Jesus?  Has following God made any difference in how you see yourself as a Chinese American?

I think as I come closer into God’s presence, I’m learning more about myself than ever. Not just in particular to my ethnicity but my overall identity as a precious son of the Lord’s.

4.  You mentioned that you, like a lot of Chinese Americans, had a strained relationship with your parents because of your interests and career.  How has becoming a Christian changed your relationship with them?

My relationship with my parents is like never before. The love, appreciation and admiration for each other is stronger than ever. God is doing some major work in my family structure overall.

5.  It seems like Jaeson Ma had a big impact on your life.  What can young people do to help others who are struggling in their faith?

We definitely need to readjust in terms of the values that are being instilled into the minds of the youth. In regards to helping others, sometimes it can be as simple as just listening.

6.  What advice to you have to give to young people who are pursing education, accomplishment, success in this world?

First off, I wouldn’t even deem myself qualified as giving advice to anyone. I would encourage the youth of this generation to be wise and bold in their decisions. The best way to learn is by experience.


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