I was recently browsing worship music website when I saw this ad (see the original animated version here):tomlinworshp

Here is a moment of worship from a famous worship leader, branded and commercialized to sell a product.  It is no surprise that secular marketers are tapping into the profit potential of the worship movement with all the money to be made.  But they have taken something that was meant to be holy and beautiful and degraded it to the level of worthless internet banner ad.

Unfortunately this doesn’t just end with the marketers.  How often have you seen churches advertising their “powerful worship” or Christian events promoting their “intimate worship experience” in order to draw more people.  Worship has been made into an event.  A promotional piece.  A way to attract crowds.

Worship was never intended to be a means to an end.  God-directed worship is the end in itself.  It is the loving meeting place of the hearts of God’s children with their Father and should never be made less than that.  No matter how many microphones it can sell.

Written by timliu

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i feel like hooking myself up with some Shure mic’s now that i know Chris Tomlin’s rockin one. I mean, that’s why i play and Avalon guitar right…



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