This is one of the best books I’ve read in the past year about youth ministry. Mark Yaconelli (son of the famous youth worker Mike Yaconelli) presents a fresh perspective on youth ministry that focuses on helping kids engage with God through our presence rather than simply words and activity. From the book description:

Youth ministry isn’t about what to say, what to do, or how to be; it’s about serving the needs of the students God has put in your life. This book is an attitude overhaul that creates a more organic approach to youth ministry that helps you create meaningful silence, covenant communities, and contemplative activities that allow your students recognize the presence of Jesus in their everyday lives.

It has helped me slow down in my focus on tasks and programs and just “be there” for youth as well as adults in my life. It brings me to that constant reminder that church is not about doing things, but being with God and people. This book has helped me tremendously.

Written by timliu

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