I was just blown away by this message from Francis Chan from Catalyst West, posted by Brett Crimmell in twitterized note form. An excerpt:

I had it out probably a year ago
speaking at a Youth Specialties thing
4:30 in the morning
because my oldest daughter was in Junior High
need I say more?

that’s my little girl man
oldest of four
and she didn’t love God
and it’s not my fault

wife asked, “do you feel like you failed”
I’ll admit my failures in life, but I am a good dad
it’s not because I’m not around
we have a connection
she’s 12 years old and she does not love God
everything you say is that hardened look

I said God I don’t ask for a lot
but one of the things I’ve asked for since she was born
I don’t know if I can handle my own flesh and blood not loving you
I can handle trial and pain but I don’t think I can take this
but that’s what I have and I can’t do anything
she has a great youth group
I can’t find a better youth pastor for her
she has a great mom who’s a godly wife
it’s not like a preach one thing and at home she sees another thing

God there’s nothing I can do
either you put your Spirit in her
and she’ll never turn away from you
or you don’t and I can’t do anything
there is only one factor … and that is the Holy Spirit of God
then I had to speak to a room full of pastors heart broken
because everything I never wanted to happen was right there
six months ago, the Holy Spirit of God came into Rachel’s life
and everything is different

I’ve always believed it could happen –
but when you see it radically change
but it just keeps increasing and increasing
the Holy Spirit came into her
not a “chew on the carpet” kind of transformation
but it is a radical life change

she loves her little sister!
she loves everyone!
she told me I know the Holy Spirit is in me
I talk to him during the day
he’s there
he’s with me
I got done preaching and came home
and she was sitting in front of the computer … sobbing listening to sermons
and I said, “who are you?”
are you the same person?
you’re a new person
this is insane!
then she shows me this 6 page article about purity and modesty
your flesh is not going to help at all
the Holy Spirit gives life
God give me boldness
I can be so bold and so can my people
either the Holy Spirit is in you and we can pull this off or the Holy Spirit isn’t and you can’t.
just go work and it’ll be supernatural and you’ll praise God and you’ll be astonished
not by sermons
but by the Holy Spirit of God

More Catalyst West speaker notes at crimmel.com

Written by timliu

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