A few years back, when Francis Chan’s church was booming in membership and budget, they were planning on a new $20 million dollar building project for a new sanctuary. However, one of the church’s core values was modeling Christ’s love for the poor. They came to the conclusion that it would be dishonoring to God to spend so much on a building when people around the world were in need.

They finally decided to build an outdoor amphitheater for much less than a huge worship facility. The reasoning was that in Southern California, the weather is beautiful most of the year, and on days with bad weather, people would be reminded of the suffering of those around the world. Today the church gives upwards of 50% of it’s multi-million dollar income to the needy through organizations such as Children’s Hunger Fund.

This video was made to explain their decision to the church. I’ve never been a big fan of mega-churches, but something about this reminds me that this is how church is supposed to be.

More about the building project.

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