I have a feeling that Francis Chan will be one of the most influential leaders of this generation. The interesting thing is that Chan is a Chinese American, serving in a largely non-Asian context (at his church and in Passion Conferences). I think God has used his background to open doors for him as a messenger of grace. Seeing how most Asian American Christians struggle to really understanding God’s grace, it is fitting that God would use an Asian American to take that message to the church at large.

Also interesting how being an Asian American has opened up a lot of doors for him to communicate this message of grace:

EN: What are some advantages of being a Chinese American amongst mostly Caucasian Americans?

FC: There really hasn’t been a ton. It really opens the doors to so many different venues like some of the more Caucasian venues are open to me because they want a token Asian. So I think that’s cool. And then at the Asian events I feel at home because I totally understand the youth and their upbringing. I feel like I relate because I get the way some of them were raised because that was me. Because of my nationality, when I work in inner-city ministries, it breaks any prejudices or barriers. I feel like God’s used my ethnicity to open a lot of doors for me.

Full article here. Thanks, DJ for the link.

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