Reading thiswell written post by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, reminded me of how often as a leader I am more critical than encouraging. How much better would it be if we were continual encouragers as God repeatedly reminds us. There would be a powerful impact on the lives of our fellow co-workers as well as those we minister to. Here Adams reflects on the impact of receiving written encouragements from a class of near strangers.

I remember opening my little package of compliments. Like everything else in the Dale Carnegie course, it seemed silly at first. How much impact would a bunch of mandated compliments from strangers have on me? Surely they would seem insincere to the point of humorous. I started to read them, one by one, and they blew me away. It was a powerful experience, and that was the point of the exercise. When we compared notes later, we all had the same experience. Compliments are powerful things, even from strangers who barely know you.

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