This is a neat resource that summarizes all the books of the Bible into short, often clever lessons. Its a great way to get a good overview of the major themes of the entire Bible. Some samples:


The Book of Leviticus
How to approach God is vital

Cleanliness can depict godliness
Holiness is a chief concern to God
God is interested in what people eat
God is concerned with all of life
Celebrating is a wholesome experience
Sin must be removed from our fellowship

The Book of Ruth
Marriages can be made in heaven
God can reroute tragedy
God’s long-range purposes may be hidden over the short-term
God is in control despite our desperation

The Book of Jonah
Some people run from God’s calling

Evil people aren’t beyond hope in God’s eyes
Some have a prophetic role
God calls his servants to do some difficult things
God disciplines his disobedient servants
God has a heart as big as the world

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