Popular Christian music styles have always paralleled the sound of secular hits, from grunge to techno. Now hip-hop is finding its way into the liturgies of traditional churches. The white, middle-aged Rev. Timothy (Poppa T) Holder doesn’t look like someone who would shout “Holla back!” in his priestly blessing. But, noticing the power and ubiquity of rap in his South Bronx neighborhood, Holder created a hip-hop mass in his Trinity Episcopal Church of Morrisania. Now he wants to help other churches get in the act, and has devised a hip-hop service for the more buttoned-up St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church.

Don’t miss the video. Its kinda funny, but still pretty darn cool. I have nothing but respect for those who are daring enough to break out of long established ways of doing ministry in trying to reach new cultures and communities.

Written by timliu

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