One of the greatest Christian leaders of the past century, on whether he wished he was more involved in world issues:

I’ve been concerned about our nation, our world and the political processes, but also I have regretted that I have not spent more time in prayer, in Bible study and in the pastoral ministry that pas­tors are usually called to do. An evangelist is a little differ­ent. The word evangelist means “the spreader of good news,” and my job, it seems to me, has been to go all over the world and proclaim that good news, and that’s my primary mission. But I did learn a great deal in my travels about our world, and I became con­cerned about it, and I spoke about some issues in that peri­od of time. To a young man today, I would say: “Put your emphasis on your Bible study and prayer.”

It’s both mind boggling and challenging that someone with all of Graham’s experience and opportunities to touch political powers and change the world through ministry, would only regret that he spent more time in prayer and Bible study.

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