A powerful article from Jim Wallis. I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I think he nails it on the head in this article. Since I’ve read the article, it continues to challenge my outlook on money, possessions and the message of the Church.

The life of North American churches has become utterly predictable on sociological grounds. Factors of race, class, sex, and national identity shape and define the lives of Christians just like everybody else. No one expects anything different of Christians. The predictability of the Christian style of life, or, more to the point, the loss of a distinctively Christian lifestyle, has severely damaged our proclamation of the gospel. We have lost that visible style of life that was evident in the early Christian communities and that gave their evangelism its compelling power and authority.

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peter kim

>hi tim. wow, i am very impressed with this site and what u’ve done with it. i’ll definitely spread the word out. keep it up!


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