A good interview with Aaron Shust, who has a great hit single, My Savior, My God.

Your have a huge radio single, topping several different charts, over 50,000 albums sold, numerous tours—were these aspirations you had?

Shust: Maybe. If it were an aspiration, it was subconscious, subliminal. I have a lot of people coming to me with that situation. They ask for advice, “How do I make it in the Christian industry?” “How do you go from being a worship leader to a performing artist?” And well, [my answer is], “I’m still a worship leader. Sometimes I lead worship in Atlanta, and sometimes I’m leading worship in Fargo, North Dakota.” The best [advice] I can give them is, “Bloom where you’re planted.”

Although it’s good to be a visionary and dream about what you want to do, God made us all different. And God has you here right now. Maybe you’re doing music in your local church—maybe you’re not even playing Sunday mornings, but Wednesday nights for the sixth graders. Do the best you can to play great music for the sixth grade group, and to the glory of God. Then maybe God will open doors for you to lead on Sunday morning, or maybe you’ll get asked to open for a national act. Or maybe not. Maybe God wants you to be a local hero to the sixth graders for the rest of your time there. Bloom where you’re planted.

I think even in ministry its so hard to just be content with where God has put us and to always be looking at bigger things. But I have always had to learn to be faithful with God has given me and leave the rest in His hands.

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