Article in the Washington Post about campus groups reaching out to Chinese

“Christian missionary fellowships are working hard at Washington area campuses, reaching out to the next generation of China’s best and brightest. The missionaries hope to convert the students, or at least to make them comfortable with the Christian faith, which is under the government’s close watch in China.

Most Chinese grow up in an atheistic society. Christian fellowships encourage them to contemplate a question they were previously told to avoid: Is there a God?

That makes the work of the campus missionaries difficult. They convert only a small percentage of those they approach, though many more are exposed to Christianity.”

Earlier, a mega-article in Christianity Today called “Tiger in the Academy” about Asian American Fellowships, and their spectacular growth on campuses. The article is archived here, so you can only read part, but its worth finding a full copy of it.

At Berkeley, California’s premier public university, “evangelical Christian” and “Asian American” are almost interchangeable descriptions. Three trends come together. One is California’s demographics: It is 11 percent Asian compared to 4 percent for the nation as a whole. Two is academic prestige: As the oldest and most selective campus of the University of California, Berkeley has an undergraduate population that is 42 percent Asian. (As a general rule, the more selective the school, the higher the percentage of Asian students.) Three is a national fact: Asian students are more likely to show Christian commitment than other ethnic groups, including whites.

Harvard is 17 percent Asian American; mit, 28 percent; Stanford, 24 percent; Princeton and Yale, 13 percent. At each of these schools, Asian students account for an even larger share of the Christian community. Often they meet in ethnically based fellowships, and these may be the schools’ largest Christian ministries.

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